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Guaranteed Rent


Throughout East London & Essex surrounding Areas within M25


At Everest we pride ourselves in having the ability to offer our clients guaranteed rent on a range of schemes that last between 3 to 5 years. Furthermore, this unique scheme will eliminate the unnecessary hassle from renting a property.


We are offering guaranteed rent to landlords even if the property is occupied or unoccupied, whether the tenants are paying or not. We will be doing all maintenance of your property free of charge. Yes! Absolutely free of charge.


 Traditional LetOur Guaranteed Rent Lettings Scheme
Monthly Rent £1,000 £1,000
Annual Rent £12,000 £12,000
Loss to Eviction Cost -£1,200 £0.00
Tenant Find Fee -£1,000 £0.00
Annual Management 
Commission @ 10%
-£1,200 £0.00
Loss to Rent Arrears -£1,200 £0.00
Inventory Fees -£300 £0.00
Tenancy Renewal -£500 £0.00
Net income you receive £6,600.00 £12,000.00


Annual Surplus: £5,400.00
Increase in Profit: 55%


Over the years we have been privileged enough to gain the experience and knowledge to enable us to work comfortably with all of London’s local authorities. This scheme allows us to take on a range of establishments from 1 – 5 beds, even including HMO properties. Every aspect of business carried out by Everest is dealt with in a professional and hassle free manner, along with the constant consideration for the satisfaction of our customers.


What is a Guaranteed Rent Scheme?


A guaranteed rent scheme, also known as guaranteed leasing, is a painstakingly simple process and here at Everest we are still here to help you every step of the way.


Our rent guarantee schemes are best suitable for the landlords who are looking for a fixed guaranteed rental income and hassle free letting; it includes all the aspects of rental properties such as finding and vetting tenants, safety certificates, 24/7 maintenance services, regular inspections, and if ever needed eviction and legal costs. Unlike other agents here at Everest we try our best to accommodate all our landlord’s needs and hence our rent guarantee schemes are bespoke to suit your needs to provide you the best service and complete control of any leasing contract you may have with us.  


Here is a list of what is expected of the conditions and availability of utilities and appliances in the property that will make it acceptable to process to a local authority. We will willingly assist any needs you have in regards to achieving these standards:


   •   the decor in the property must be of decent standard
   •   the property has working and fixed smoke alarms (2 if it’s a house connected in the hallway)
   •   a Fire extinguisher must be hung up in kitchen, along with a fire blanket in close proximity
   •   a CO2 detector must be within 10 meters form boiler
   •   Window restrictions if above first floor
   •   a Heat detector in kitchen mains wired
   •   the Kitchen will need a fire door with a self-closer

Here are some of the benefits if you choose to put your property on a rent guarantee scheme:


   •   there are no void costs
   •   Your money will be paid every month for duration of contract
   •   0% management service
   •   there are never any upfront fees
   •   All bills will be covered
   •   the property will considerately be returned back in its original condition
   •   there are absolutely no tenants to deal with
   •   you have full use of our in house team for repairs
   •   Free epc, gas and electrical certificate.
   •   There will be inspections every 8 – 12 weeks


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Serving throughout East London & Essex surrounding Areas with M25

If you are interested in putting your property one our guaranteed leasing scheme then get in touch with Everest and let us take care of your property and help you achieve the maximum rent and no Hassel free agreement.


If we have been able to achieve our goal in convincing you that putting your property on a guaranteed leasing scheme is the most reliable and convenient option available to you, please do contact our company so we can begin to put entire efforts into working with you and your property to gain the maximum rent potential with the minimum amount of anxiety. We proudly provide service to clients throughout Goodmayes, Ilford, Redbridge, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information!